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Why You Should NOT Show Women You Are Long Term Relationship Material! | Attract Women Report
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Why You Should NOT Show Women You Are Long Term Relationship Material!

Let’s admit it – all men wish they had a manual that would tell them how to make a woman interested in them.

There is nothing as frustrating as showing a woman just how much you are ready to be in a committed long term relationship, only to be met by a lack of interest from the woman.

Hence, why you should NOT show women you are long term relationship material!

Well, if it has ever happened to you, then you should know that you are not alone. Not that it is a form of consolation, but this happens a lot of times to a lot of men.

According to research studies, women subconsciously categorize the men they meet into different sections:

1.  I am not interested in you.

2.  I am interested in you BUT only as a friend.

3.  I want a long term relationship with you.

4.  I am in it only for the sex.

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Why you should not show women you are long term relationship material

DO NOT show women you are long term relationship material!

Interestingly, when a woman sees you as someone she can be in a long term relationship with, she usually won’t be in a hurry to have sex with you. However, this does not mean that if she has sex with you soon after getting into a relationship, she is not open to a long term relationship.

When meeting a woman, you as a man have to decide where you want the relationship to go. If you know you are getting into it just for sex, then do not try to buy her affection by taking her out for dates, spending time with her, buying her gifts, and basically doing romantic things that will get her emotionally attached. When you do this, the woman will think that you are long term material, and she will hold sex from you.

Why is she withholding sex?

Just as long term material behavior for men is courtship type behavior such as being romantic, buying gifts, etc., women also have a typical long term relationship type behavior.

They want to come off as a good girl, loyal, and most importantly, wife material – which means no sleeping around.

Therefore, she will hold back the sex to prove to you that she is wife material. That you can trust her to be loyal to you and that she does not sleep around. Which means that she portrays herself as a chaste virgin or have had very few bed buddies.

Do not be fooled by this act, guys! If you think she’s really a virgin, read this.

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YOU determine how and where the relationship will go

If you master the art of seducing women and getting her sexually involved in the relationship during the initial stages, everything will be left to you. You are the one who will determine where the relationship will go.

Don’t take my word for it, ask some women about this concept. They will tell you exactly what I am saying. Women always assume that when a man buys her flowers, takes her out on romantic dates, surprises her on her birthday, and other general romantic soap opera type behavior, then he is courting her.

Remember that women can pick up on hints and interpret them faster than men. So while you are thinking you are just being nice, the woman thinks she has found a man who is really into her, and is ready to commit.

I want to control the relationship! What do I do?

Do not display courtship type behavior early on in the relationship. Do things that will make you look attractive, sexy, and interesting. When you do this, you will be the one calling the shots when it comes to controlling the relationship.

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I cannot emphasize this enough: A woman can get into a long term relationship with you if she is having sex with you. However, she may not sleep with you if she thinks that you are courting her. So if you want to wait until the wedding night to have sex, go ahead, court her. But if you want sex AND control the relationship, stop trying to be romantic and start being interesting and attractive.

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