The GameHow To Get Laid On The First Date – Setting The Frame

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Meeting girls and getting their number are the first steps in seduction. You have to be a closer who turns that phone number into a first date.

The first date sets the tone for the relationship so it is crucial for you to learn how to conduct yourself at that first date.

Not all girls will let you take them home after the first meeting. That is why the first date is so important. It helps you establish a connection that makes you irresistible to them.

The first meeting might not go from the bar to the bedroom, but there are ways you can use the first date to get you a new bedmate.

Here is how to handle first dates and how to get laid on the first date:

Date details in a text

So you have made that first call, and she adores your crazy sense of humor. She’s willing to give you a chance. Put your best foot forward by setting up the date yourself. Ask her what she likes. Find a place that meets what she likes with what you like.

Setting The Frame 02

Agree on a day for the date. Do not avoid contact with her before the date. You can continue to nurture a relationship through texts and phone calls. On the day of the date, send her a text with the details.

The text should be something like this:

Meet me at [the address of the date]. It’s called..(you always want to put the name of the place in the text. There may be more than one restaurant at a similar address). You said you liked Italian [margaritas, other food] food. This restaurant has the best. You are in for a treat. (This shows that you have listened to her and can pay attention). I don’t live to far from [the place]. You can come by my place and we can walk there /I’ll drive us there.

The text with the date details is the deal breaker. If she doesn’t respond to you, this means she is probably going to stand you up. You should probably try to find another girl to close. If she responds that she will meet you at the venue, go with it. Any sensible girl will be weary to go to a strangers home.

Setting The Frame 03

During the first date, you have to win her over and make her feel comfortable around you. An hour before the date start send an inform confirmation text. It can be something like, “I can’t wait to see you again,” or if you want to be a little spicy, “I love the way a woman looks in high heels.”

Your woman can bolt at this moment, too. But once you get a “Looking forward to it,” text, it is on. You are going on a first date, my friend.

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Date location

The date location should be close to your home. Because if things get hot and heavy, you will not have far to go. However, you should find a location in your neighborhood that offers something she loves.

I stated earlier that you should get to know a few of her favorite things. Use that to help find the perfect date location.

Your date’s arrival

If your date opts to meetup at your place, give her a quick tour of your place. So before she comes over, clean up.

When she comes into your home, avoid touching her. You do not want to creep her out.

She’ll feel safe with you if you do not try to make a move the moment she shows up.

You will keep this in the back of her mind. She went to your home and you did not try to pounce on her.

You can have one drink at your home if she wants and get to talk a little more before heading out to the date venue.

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Date venue

Listen and be entertaining on your date. Let her talk about herself for a little while, but never become unengaging yourself. You want this woman to be interested in you, but you want to show your interest in her.

Ask her about her childhood. Has she always lived in the city you live in? What does she do in her spare time? What are her dreams? Answer the same questions for her. Let the conversation evolve naturally.

Don’t be calculating with your answers or your words. Be yourself and see if there is a natural vibe between the two of you. The more you form a legitimate connection the better it is in the long run.


Half way during your date at the venue, suggest taking the date back to your place so you continue the date. To get your date back to your home, plan an activity. If she likes a movie, rent it or plan some other activity that you both enjoy doing.

You can start fishing to gauge her sexual interest in you. Start with subtle caresses. You can make a few suggestive comments to see her reaction. This can help you determine if she will be interested in other activities at your place.

End the date at the venue with a couple of drinks. If your date is biting your lure, start kissing as you leave the venue. If that is too forward for your date, hold hands as you walk back to your place.

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Date back at your house

Here is how you handle a first date in your house and how to get laid on the first date:

Pour more than one drink. Test the vibe by doing a simple caress. Do not let go of the activity you said you were going to do. If she is not in the physical mood yet, the activity can get her to become comfortable. Plus, it shows that you were not lying just to get her back to your home.

Talk to her a little more before you try to lead her to the bedroom. Many girls do not close on first dates. Some girls need more than one date and some girls want you to be their boyfriend before she will get physical. Well then, just accept that and enjoy her company.

If you can’t close on the first date

Dating a woman is a guaranteed way to spike her desire to give you the closing you want. However, either yourself or the woman may not want to hook up for more dates. So it all depends on how much chemistry you feel with her and how much you want to pursue.