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Impulsive Desire Method Review | Attract Women Report
impulsive desire method for men
Impulsive Desire Method Review

Let’s face it guys, women are very difficult to deal with and can be ruthlessly brutal. They make you bend backwards just to get her attention and then break you down to get you to do their bidding.

They use their looks to bewitch you and use their weapons in the bedroom to keep you begging on your knees for more.

Sound familiar? Women, especially attractive women, have tremendous power over men and know exactly how to utilize that power to their advantage.

They know how to tease you and keep you under their thumb. Well, what if there was something to make the roles reversed?

What is: Impulsive Desire Method?

The system that many men have used to switch the gender roles is one of pure ingenuity. Women are very verbal people and often decide things about men very quickly when he says something stupid or something she finds offensive.

This being said, the system works first by using powerful words that immediately indicated what you want. If you act on this prematurely it can end badly but if you just wait and let those words grow into ideas in her head, you will have her wanting you.

Secondly this works by sending her mixed messages, which then peaks her curiosity and keeps her coming back. Thirdly you need to make sure that you are the only outlet for her emotional confusion and intensity.

How is this method any different than the millions out there?

impulsive desire method reviewThis is different than other products because they suggest using different things that don’t always work. They tell you that by “being her friend” and “getting to know her on an emotional level” are the only ways to get a girl sexually interested in you.

In all reality, do you want to sleep with your friend whom you shared childhood trauma with? No, you want to sleep with that crazy hot person who you can’t stop thinking about.

This system is different because it encourages you to be friendly towards her but not establish a strong friendship with her. By doing this it is easier to make that transition from just “friend” to a friend with benefits.

This system is unbeatable when compared to stupid ‘tips and tricks on how to get a girl to want you’ articles with empty promises.

Source: (http://www.lovepanky.com/men/dating-women-tips-for-men/how-to-make-a-girl-want-you)

What’s up with dirty talk?

Another tip that is commonly given to men is to assert their masculinity over women and just have phone sex with them. Okay so you show her you can pick things up and put them down then rape her ears over the phone with your nasty intentions? That is so not a sly way to do it. Showing a girl that you are strong might impress her or make you look like a jerk, but there is no guarantee that she will be craving you afterwards. Talking dirty to girls especially if you do not know them very well, can also be a very big mistake and can make them feel a bit uncomfortable. Using this system you will know when it is appropriate to bring out the dirty talk and how to properly and slyly assert your dominance.

Source: (http://sibg.com/the-sibg-seduction-method/)

How can this system help me?

This system will benefit you in many ways especially if you are a bit socially awkward around the ladies. Women are hard to figure out, so there is absolutely no shame in not being very successful in getting laid on the daily. After you have learned how to properly maneuver a woman’s mind, that all will change. Once you get the hang of it you won’t have to ask for their phone numbers, they will be giving them to you. Learning how to talk to women and succeeding in getting their attention without trying will boost your confidence and self esteem to new heights.

How does the method work?

The system works like this, first you need to get to know the girl a little bit and start dropping smooth hints about what you really want out of this. You cannot be too blatantly obvious because that will most likely turn her off to you. Small little hints using powerful language here and there will be enough to let her know what you truly want. Secondly, you send her mixed messages by giving her positive and negative statements about what you want. This will succeed in thinking about you constantly and obsessing over whether or not you really want her. Lastly, this works by making you the only source to her sexual frustration which makes you a lucky man. By using this you will be able to drive any woman mad with desire.

Why should I get this Impulsive Desire program?

Getting this program could be beneficial because it has this important formula and many other things. Among these other things being the formula to get a girl to obsess over you and think about you nonstop. Another great point in this system is what women really want in finding a mate and how to be that perfect man for her. With all of these pointers you will be able to successfully seduce any girl and make her crazy over you.