How To Meet Women At Clubs – And Then Take Them Home!

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Everyone knows that there are plenty of attractive women hanging out in nightclubs. So, how do you go about meeting women in clubs?

After gaining plenty of experience in some of the top venues in the world, we are ready to share what we have discovered. We are going to let you know today how to meet women at clubs and then take them home, what took us several years worth of clubbing to learn.


​Obviously, the most fundamental aspect involves being able go up to the girl you want in the club. Then, you have to adjust your game based on whether you want to take her home tonight or pique her interest so that she is up to meeting up either later in the night or on a different day.

Since this is such a broad topic, we are going to focus on the basics. To make it easier, we have divided the information into two categories: the initial approach and the actual interaction.


The initial approach

Why do we fear the approach?

It’s ingrained in our heads to have some fear of approaching others. This dates back to the days of people living in tribes. If you were in a tribe of 20, around 10 would be female. You had to eliminate those who are too old, too young, too ugly, or not really someone you want to wake up next to in the morning.

That left you with a few select options. If you approached one and got denied, there was a chance that the other desirable women would blacklist you.

Of course, if you approached a woman who was taken, you could pretty much guarantee the man she was with would kill you. Either way, you’d never reproduce, which was your #1 primary goal.


Unfortunately, our bodies are still hot-wired to believe this, so it’s something you have to deal with. Just like you ignored that tiny, but painful paper cut you had a few days ago, you have to ignore these feelings. Yes, it’s there, but you have to deal with it.

The good thing is that the more experience you get approaching women, the more this fear will subside and stop impacting your behavior. With enough experience, approaching women won’t really be a factor anymore.

How to approach

Here’s the deal. Once a girl catches your attention, you must immediately approach her. Hesitating, even for a second, will make you start second guessing yourself.

The Approach 3

Within seconds, you’ll have a ton of reasons why you shouldn’t bother going up to her running through your head. You know the ones:

Maybe she’s got a boyfriend.

What if she ignores me and I look stupid in front of everybody?

She’s probably out of my league.

I don’t know if my ego can handle rejection.

As you begin to doubt yourself, these fears will shine through in your behavior. She will likely pick up on your doubts subconsciously, perhaps even consciously. If you finally head over to her after a big delay, these feelings will be running through your head and she won’t be very receptive. (You just fulfilled your own prophecy!)

She could walk off, some other dude might approach her, or she may even notice that you’re trying to get up the courage to approach her beforehand. If this happens, your value plummets!

What to say

So, how do you open the conversation? We have learned to keep it simple. Our go to lines are: “Hey, can I talk to you?” or “Hey, what’s up? My name’s Long Duck Thong, what’s yours?”

Make strong eye contact and use an assertive and dominant vocal tone and body language. These things are crucial, especially when you are heading over to one of the hottest girls in the club.

And as we all know, hot girls are attracted to assertive and dominant men.

If you don’t approach with these things, get ready to head back to your corner because she’s very likely to mercilessly reject you or blow you off.

Beyond the approach – the interaction

So, you’ve approached her. Now, you have to address the logistics of whether or not you are going to be taking her home tonight. Here’s what you need to know:
Who she’s there with

What area she stays in

Who drove

What her plans are after the club

And if she has to work in the morning

If it’s obvious that logistically you won’t be leaving with her, get her number and set up a date to meet in the NEAR future. Then, move on. Text her in the next couple of days to follow up. It is that easy!

If you will be taking her home

If conditions are favorable that you could end up together at the end of the night, things change. Frame the entire interaction as if the two of you will definitely be hanging out later, either when the club closes or in the near future (if you plan to leave before closing time).

The Approach 2

Taking on this mindset is very powerful and will translate into how you speak to her. Do NOT ask her if she wants to come home with you. Work the conversation as if she has already agreed to do so. Then, it’s all about managing her objections and leading her out of the club.

If you won’t be taking her home

If it looks like nobody’s biting, back to the girls whose numbers you collected. Right before the club shuts down for the night, text all the numbers you got about meeting up (usually referenced as an after party).

If anyone responds favorably, work out the details of meeting up right then and there. Otherwise, text everyone the next day and set up a day to see them.

Logistics and setting the frame are the most crucial aspects of how to meet women at clubs, but there are other things to consider when you’re looking to take them home, such as physical escalation and assessing how compliant she is.

Lastly, if you don’t get a girl home that night, don’t even sweat it. You have a bunch of phone numbers and girls attached to those numbers you can work at your leisure.