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How To Get Dates From Tinder - Field Tested And Proven! | Attract Women Report
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How To Get Dates From Tinder – Field Tested And Proven!

As the leading dating app on the market right now, Tinder has become one of the best ways to find that ever important hookup.

After all, with over 50 million downloads and between 10,000 and 20,000 new downloads a day, the choice of potential dates and mates are only getting larger!

So guys: what if you could get yourself one date every day from your matches on Tinder? We won’t ask how awesome that would be, but we will show you how to get dates from Tinder.

You will need a Facebook account to get started. Tinder works by setting up a profile with up to five pictures of yours truly from your Facebook profile, so if you’ve been living under a rock and don’t have a Facebook account, go get one.




how to get dates from tinder

What is Tinder?

Once you’ve signed up for Tinder, you will need to set up your account and write something about yourself.  Once you’ve got your account set up, you can view other users’ profiles based on your preferences. If you like what you see, swipe to the right, and if you don’t, swipe to the left.

If you happen to like a girl who liked your picture, Tinder will match you up. You can send instant messages to people you are matched with, to chat or request to meet.

So how would you get the girls interested in you, now that you’re officially on Tinder?

Start by setting up your profile picture

The way you look or seem in dating apps determines what people will think about you. You want to attract the girls you’re interested in by showing them what kind of person you are, or would like to be.

Women are attracted to guys that are confident, independent, fun, adventurous, successful, multifaceted, living large, etc. So make sure to display pictures that show off multifaceted versions of you.

Women are attracted to guys that are confident, independent, fun, adventurous, successful, multifaceted living large, etc. So make sure to display pictures that show off multifaceted versions of you.

That being said, the first profile picture you post will greatly determine the responses you get. Try to avoid posting group photos, as this would make it harder to figure out who you are.

Photos with babies are a major turn-off, especially since some girls might think it’s your child. And despite how good we all look in them, pictures of you in sunglasses don’t help. Neither do photos with only your six-pack abs and mirror selfies. Put up a clear face-shot of yourself. 

Nail that Tagline

Say something witty about yourself. Don’t be too brief, unless you are the master of one liners like the governator. Don’t be too long either. Girls don’t like listening to you talk about yourself all day long.

Put a lot of thought into your tagline. Remember, if girls are on Tinder they’ve probably heard all the cheesy stuff already, so you won’t stand out by reciting all the canned, used, cliched bullshit.

If there are attractive things about you that cannot be conveyed through your photos, like your tall height or muscular quads, add them to your tagline. You can also pre-qualify the women you are interested in by adding remarks such as, “party girls only!”

Pro swiping strategy

getting dates from tinderLike many new users on the app, you’re probably thinking the more you swipe right, the more matches you’ll get, right? That’s not how Tinder works though. The matching algorithm limits the amount of matches you get by swiping right (liking) every profile. It keeps track of the number of likes you have versus the number of dislikes.

A Tinder representative gave a speech saying that they limit the amount of matches to guys that like every girl’s profile.

So let’s say a girl swipes right very few times. She is then categorized as being more picky, thus more attractive. The more attractive she is, the less likely her profile is to be displayed to male users who swipe right a majority of times. Basically, the more you like, the less likely you are to get a match with the most attractive girls.

Therefore, your best play is to swipe right only on girls your genuinely think are attractive. You’ll get fewer matches, sure, but they’ll be easier to filter through, keep track of, and interact with. Of course, the Tinder algorithm works on men also, so you’ll appear algorithmically more attractive to all the girls out there looking for someone like you. Another perk of having fewer matches is that you can mass message every girl you’re matched with. 

How to get dates from Tinder – Handle your matches like a pro

So you got a match. What do you do next? Instant message her, of course. While you can use Tinder to talk to her, the main point of messaging her is to get her to text you outside of the app. With traditional text messaging comes more pictures of you, memes, value texts, and of course, sexting.

The whole game is getting that date though, so what do you message the girl? The following field-tested and battle-proven messaging techniques come from guys who have around 2,000 matches on Tinder. These techniques are broken down into 3 sections. They are:

  1. The Opener
  2. The Banter
  3. Phone Number Request. 

The Opener

Send her a lighthearted compliment. This works better than questions or random statements.

You want her to be interested in you, not make her feel like she’s being interrogated.

However, the regular game applies here as well – never compliment her directly on her looks.

Find some other quality about her that you can be witty about and complimenting at the same time.

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The Banter

Set the meetup frame. This means to talk to her as if you have already agreed to meet up and giving her a choice question. This could be questions such as, “You want to meet up for dinner or drinks?” Or “You want to go to a loud bar or a quiet bar?”

This is a psychological trick that will set the frame that you two are meeting up, and doesn’t give the girl much choice but to choose between the choices you give her.


Get Her Number

Send your number first, that way she becomes invested and commited to you. By the time you get to this stage she’ll probably want to talk to you outside of the app anyway, so don’t blow it.

Don’t drag on your conversation for too long, otherwise she may lose interest and stop replying. However, don’t ask for a meet up too soon. Sure, some girls might like to be asked out straight off the bat, but it might not work with girls who prefer to hang out and banter back and forth before she commits to a meetup. So pick up on what she may be into while you’re keeping the banter going. 

Seduction is a numbers game

So that’s it, guys. Follow this guide and you should get a steady and consistent supply of dates from Tinder. Keep swiping, and remember, seduction is a numbers game. The more you put yourself out there, the more dates you’ll get. And the more dates you get, the more girls you will take home and close!



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