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Body Language Of Women - 10 Ways To Tell If She Loves Me? She Loves Me Not? | Attract Women Report
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body language of women
Body Language Of Women – 10 Ways To Tell If She Loves Me? She Loves Me Not?

Humans have their language – the body has its own. While you can manipulate your words to belie the truth, the signs emanating from the body seldom lie.

Have you been wondering where the key to a woman’s mind lies? Well, there can be no better way to read her thoughts and anticipate her reactions than by studying the body language of women intently and closely.

Knowing these ten simple guidelines can help you overcome the dilemma of whether a woman is really interested in you or not.

Armed with this knowledge, next time you will know for sure if your advances would be welcome or if it would be an utter waste of your time.

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body language of women

The Subtle Signs

body language attractionIf a woman is interested in you, she will give out subtle hints for you to decipher. You just need the right tools to decipher these hints. The subtle signs that indicate a woman’s interest in a man is what the pickup artists refer to as approach invitations. Approach invitations can be roughly described as actions or reactions that clearly convey a willingness to converse and spend time with a man. 

A woman’s reaction towards a man she is interested in is not really very different from a man’s reaction towards a woman he is drawn to. Both feel the same sense of awkwardness and self-consciousness, except women know how to disguise these feelings much better than men can. Some clear indicators of approach invitations are:

  • Increased eye contact
  • Intimate gazing
  • Leaning towards you
  • Constantly touching the hair or clothes
  • Excessive and rapid hand gestures while talking
  • Body pointed towards you


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Dilated Pupils and Blushing

Both the dilation of pupils and blushing are automatic, subconscious reactions which a woman has no control over.
When a woman is drawn to a man, her pupils automatically dilate at the sight of him. She is also equally prone to blushing. This is a sure give away of a woman’s feelings for you, and also the most obvious body language of women to look out for if you want to know how a woman feels about you.

Both the dilation of pupils and blushing are automatic, subconscious reactions which a woman has no control over. As much as she tries, she cannot stop her cheeks from being flushed or her pupils from widening if she likes what she sees. 

Shooting a Glance

body language eye contactIf a woman shoots a sideways glance in your direction, not long enough for it to be a stare but just enough to get your attention, she is sending an obvious approach invitation. She may do this several times to see if you “got it” and to see if you’ll approach and talk to her.

If you see her shoot a sideways glance at you several times, especially over her shoulder, it is a sure sign that she wants you to come over and talk to her.

THE PROPER WAY TO: Approach and talk to her

Exposing the Wrist

When you are with an attractive woman the last thing on your mind is where her wrists are pointed to.

Well, it’s about time you start paying attention to that detail because a woman pointing her wrist towards you is a huge sign of being open to your advances.

Exposing her wrists towards you also exposes the palm of the hand which is a gesture of acceptance. The act of exposing her wrists and palms is like an unconscious way of asking you to take her hand and lead her to somewhere nice.

So the next time she holds out her wrists so that you are faced with the soft, smooth skin on her wrists, consider it your cue to hold her hand.

Look at Those Legs

women body languageWhen a woman sits with her legs drawn apart, especially when the two of you are facing each other, it is an obvious clue of her intentions. This body language sign can be instinctive or intentional. However, in either case she may not part her legs in a vulgar, inviting fashion. Even a slight gap or uncrossing her legs to draw attention can be taken as her openness to take things further with you.

Similarly, if her legs are crossed in a manner that they make an inverted L shape, with the point of her knee pointed towards you, it is a sign of her willingness to accept your advances.

Crossing the legs in a way that the thighs are exposed, albeit slightly, or toying around with the shoes or hem of the dress is also intended to draw your attention and convey her attraction towards you. 

Hips Do not Lie

A woman’s hips are rounded in a way that they accentuate the shape of her body. This rounded shape is nature’s way of making a woman’s pelvic area more attractive to men. And when a woman walks, her rounded hips naturally have a side to side rolling movement.

body language flirting

So if you see a woman walking with a heightened, exaggerated hip roll she is definitely using this gift of nature to draw your focus and interest.



Head Toss

Women have a peculiar way of tossing their head backwards in an attempt to throw their hair over their shoulders. The kind of head toss that is typical of models in shampoo and other hair care product commercials.

Such a head toss is a woman’s attempt to take her hair away from her face and in turn, draw your attention. When attracted to a man, even women with particularly short hair also tend to resort to this kind of head tossing. This is because the head toss is an instinctive reflex and conveys a woman’s attraction towards a man. 

Lips Say it All

A woman’s lips, just like her eyes, can betray her emotions easily and that too without mouthing a word. Wet, glistening lips held slightly drawn apart is a gesture laden with sensual overtones. If a woman has her lips slightly apart, she is giving off signals that she is open to approach. Especially if you catch her licking her lips while talking to you, it is a sure sign that she is feeling attracted towards you.

flirting body language

Where Are the Hands Leading You?

Hand gestures speak volumes about a person’s thoughts and state of mind. If a woman is making random and rapid hand gestures while talking to you, it conveys a flustered state of mind. Flustered because of all the uncontrollable urges and feelings of attraction she is experiencing at the moment. On the other hand, if a woman doesn’t like you, she will be cool and collected.

Similarly, toying with her hair or objects such as a champagne glass or cigarettes is also indicative of a woman’s readiness to accept your advances. 

Power of Touch

If a woman leans towards you during a conversation or looks for reasons to make bodily contact with you, by way of holding your hand, striking a high-five, or nudging you with an elbow, she could not be more explicit about her interest in you.

Watch for her to get closer to you, invade your space, and to make physical contact. If a woman breaks the touch barrier first and through her own volition, she is essentially seducing you!

girls body language

The Golden Rule to deciphering Body Language of Women

Even if a woman plays coy, her body gives out plenty of signals that can help you figure out whether you hold her interest or not. You just have to be observant and pick up on the hints along the way. Remember, every woman and situation is different so even having a checklist may not be enough or it won’t apply to some women. 

Just remember the golden rule of approaching and picking up women: Pay Attention! If you pay attention to the little, subtle nuances of her eye contact, body language, tonality, and what she is actually saying, you won’t need this checklist. You will intuitively pick up on whether she loves you or loves you not!


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