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The 3 Biggest Turn Offs For Women | Attract Women Report
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turn offs for women
The 3 Biggest Turn Offs For Women

Even if you look like Channing Tatum, built like Thor, and croon like Justin Bieber, committing any of these 3 deadly sins will instantly and thoroughly make you the untouchable.

Even if you’re charming, witty, and managed to open the girl and have a pleasant conversation, displaying even a hint of any of these deadly sins will make all your efforts useless.

Women love to talk. Furthermore, they love to talk about men. And when they talk about men, the conversation inevitably turns into an all out men-bashing session.

Women have a long list of qualities, characteristics, and traits that they HATE in men. If you listen in on some of these sessions, it’s a miracle that the human race is able to propagate.

There are 3 turnoffs for women you can commit that will completely and utterly DESTROY your chances with ALL women.

There are many little things that men do that annoy the heck out of women. These are little quirks that they tolerate and live with, though. However, there are 3 main motifs that are deadly sins.

These 3 things are labelled deadly sins because they’re complete deal breakers and will KILL your chances with women, especially attractive women.

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turn offs for women

1) Giving up your status/pride in exchange for her attention and approval.

Have you ever fell for a girl so hard that you would be willing to do anything to get her? Including acting like someone you’re not, or worse, swallowing your pride because she wants you to?

You thought this would help raise your chances with the girl or get the girl to like you a little bit more. You figured the girl would acknowledge and appreciate your efforts on her behalf, even to the point of debasing your value.

NOTHING IS FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH! Women, especially attractive women, that have many chumps like you at her beck and call, will not appreciate your efforts to debase yourself to please her. She’ll just take you for granted and expect you to continue to please her. Unfortunately, her attraction level towards you will never reach critical mass.

Women absolutely hate it, either consciously or subconsciously, when a man does something to show that he’ll give away his power and pride for her approval. This action essentially lowers a man’s value, and as we know, what attracts a woman to a man is his perceived value.

If you lower your value for anything, even for her, you will in fact lower her attraction level towards you.


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2) Acting needy, clingy, and insecure

It’s Biology: when an organism clings to another organism because it is lacking for something, it is called parasitism. The clinger is called a parasite and the clingee is called the host.

Naturally, this is not a mutually beneficial relationship and the host rejects the parasite.

Same thing happens in the male-female interaction. If a man clings to a woman psychologically and acts needy, the woman will naturally reject that parasite.

Have you ever had a woman cling to you? It is borderline stalking and it is scary. This is lack of confidence at its worst, and we also know that women are attracted to men with CONFIDENCE.

If you finally get a date with that cutie you are hopelessly in love with, would you let her out of your sight for two minutes? Will you let her wander off and talk to her guy friends? Won’t you be insecure and unconfident and desperately seek her approval?

Congratulations, you just completely turned her off and you will NEVER, EVER get a second chance.

3) Trying to get her to lead

“What would you like to do?”

“Where do you want to eat?”

“Where would you like to go?”

“What do you want to talk about”

Women naturally will not try to lead, so if you try to follow someone that does not lead, the interaction is doomed for failure. Worse, this following mentality stems from an overall lack of confidence and insecurity. If a man cannot lead, how can he support his wife and children?

If you cannot take the interaction by the reins and control the situation as a man, women will immediately smell your insecurity and reject you. Besides, most women want to be pampered and led by a man in control, a man of high value and confidence.

Take a lesson from Elise. As a super beautiful woman, she knows what she’s talking about.


3 biggest turn offs for women

Elise: Invite me to dinner, Frank?
Frank: What?
[she gives him a look]
Frank: Would you like to have dinner?
Elise: Women don’t like questions.
Frank: Join me for dinner.
Elise: Too demanding.
Frank: Join me for dinner?
Elise: Another question.
[Frank thinks for a moment]
Frank: I’m having dinner, if you’d care to join me.
[Elise smiles at him]

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