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2 super tips to seduce women with your voice - No, not by singing | Attract Women Report
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how to seduce women with your voice
2 super tips to seduce women with your voice – No, not by singing

Why do women love Bruno Mars? Or Bruce Willis? Is it their looks, their style, or their star power? Yes, yes, and hell yes. However, women also love them for the tonality of their voice. What? Tonality of their voice? Yes you can actually seduce women with your voice.

It’s important to first understand the idea of tonality when dealing with women. Tonality can be explained as the difference in volume, pitch, and tone of your voice when you are speaking to people.

Men in particular never pay much attention in how their message is being delivered, they will just speak and expect the recipient to listen to the message. They are more focused in what they say than how they say it.

This is fine when you speak with your buddies or your mom, but women you’re trying to attract and seduce require a different approach and you must adapt the tonality of your voice for maximum appeal.


how to seduce women with your voice

The importance of tonality

Women, especially women you’re trying to attract, can be put off with what you are saying just because you are using the wrong tone to address them, regardless of how witty and interesting the subject matter is.

Imagine fingernails on chalkboard or a metal spoon on an aluminum bowl. Those sounds alone will make you grind your teeth in irritation and want to tear out your eardrums through your eye sockets.

A horrendous sound can make you cringe, but on the flip side, a pleasant sound can lead to a pleasant experience. This is proven all over the place such as with the Mozart effect.

Therefore it is supremely important that you are aware of the sound of your voice and that it is a pleasant one, specifically when you are talking to women you want to meet.

Be aware of how your voice sounds!

Being aware of the sound of your voice is important because:

1. You will control your voice better if you are aware of how it sounds.

2. If you can control how your voice sounds, you can influence how women react to you.

3. When you can influence women’s reactions, you can subtly influence them to do what you want them to do.

Think of a time when where you were angry. You were probably bitching, arguing, and yelling and screaming combatively. How did the person react to you? When you scream and shout at people in anger, they tend to do the exact opposite of what you want them to do.

On the other hand, if you speak in a happy and excited manner, people will reciprocate the happiness, making them more accepting to what you have to say. Imagine then if your voice is happy, warm, AND deep and sexy. Women will find any excuse to continue to listen to you babble on and on.

The power of tonality

To get a better grasp of the power of a sexy voice, look at how women use it on you. Men are easily manipulated by women simply by the tone they use with you. All they have to do is purr in your ear in a sweet and sexy tone.

Men are suckers for this. It doesn’t even matter what the woman is saying in whatever language! No straight man can resist a soft purr in their ear!


This purring power of women is well known, but what is not well known is that women are suckers too to a sexy male voice. The problem is:

  1. Men don’t know they have this power.
  2. They are ignorant to how much power tonality has towards women.
  3. They don’t know how to use this power effectively.

So how do you go about using this incredible superpower?

How to seduce women with your voice: Super tip #1

The first thing you must be aware of is how much your voice resonates. Most women love to hear men with deep tones. Not only is it sexy and pleasing, they feel a deep tone is a sign of confidence in a man.

seducing women with your voiceUnfortunately, not all men are blessed with deep voices like Groot. Luckily though, there is a distinction between a deep “voice” and a deep “tone”. Women respond just as well to a deep tone as they do to a deep voice.

It doesn’t matter that your voice sounds like a pre-pubescent choir boy. The trick is to make it resonate so that it has the same effect on women as a deep voice.

Even if you have a high pitched voice that sounds like kittens singing to a violin orchestra, you can still resonate your voice to get the desired result.

To get this deep tone in your voice, you must speak from your diaphragm. To see if the sound is originating from your diaphragm, place one hand on your chest and start speaking. If done properly, you should feel vibrations coming from your chest.

Seducing women with your voice: Super tip #2

Another way of getting women interested in the tone of your voice is to be loud. A women who struggles to hear you will be easily distracted by other things that are happening around you. Speaking in a loud and clear manner will capture and hold their attention.

This happens time and time again. A guy with so many interesting stories to tell is shy around girls so he speaks in a low volume. The woman will struggle to listen until she eventually gets bored.

When women can’t clearly hear what you are saying, you are creating a situation where listening to you becomes work. Most people are lazy by nature so you will be dismissed automatically if you create work for them.

So don’t be afraid to be loud. Better to be loud and cheeky and hold her attention than to be quiet and meek and get dismissed by her.

What’s up with the picture of Groot?

voice to attracct womenIf you haven’t yet figured out why the featured picture for this article is Groot, it is not because of Groot himself but because he is voiced by Vin Diesel.

Vin Diesel, as everyone should know, is the ultimate deep, resonating, sexy voice.

His looks might resemble Groot as well but it’s not his handsome face that gets Vin Diesel female fans. It’s his  muscles, style, and most importantly, his voice.

All Hail the King of Voice!

So harness your inner Groot and resonate your voice through your diaphragm. Remember, you have the power to seduce women with your voice!



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