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17 personality traits that attract women - Build your character | Attract Women Report
Before The Approach
18 personality traits that attract women
17 personality traits that attract women – Build your character

There are six things women are most attracted to. In no particular order, they are:

1. Personality – intelligence, sense of humor, creativity, romance, charisma, etc.
2. Power – ability to lead, influence others, and provide protection and safety.
3. Fame – nothing more to say here.
4. Wealth – belongings, financial status, ability to provide for and give gifts.
5. Appearance – weight, height, etc.
6. Exclusivity – hard to get, already in committed relationship, royalty.

When you look at these things, there are some things that you really can’t do anything about, at least right now. You’re probably not going to get any taller, star in a blockbuster hit, or win the lottery in the next week or so.

​In fact, there is only one thing that you have immediate power over and that is your PERSONALITY. Thankfully, this is what I believe to be the greatest asset when you are trying to step up your game with women.

So, what are the personality traits that attract women?


18 personality traits that attract women

You can change your personality

This is huge because it is the only thing you have control over that has the POWER to trump everything else. Sure, you may look your best, but you have to have a personality that is absolutely irresistible.

Strangely enough, this is one the thing that attracts women the most (and keeps them attracted), but it something they can’t simply look for in the beginning. Essentially, it boils down to the way you make them FEEL when they are with you or thinking of you. 

The truth is that you don’t have to have power, wealth, fame, appearance, or exclusivity to make them feel good. You simply have to have the right personality. It’s your hidden weapon.

A look at the 17 personality traits that attract women

Below are some of the most attractive personality traits according to women. Some work better when combined with other traits, while others lose some of their appeal when combined. 

1. Culture and class
2. Humor
3. Education
4. Thoughtfulness
5. Creativity and intelligence
6. Happiness, enthusiasm, and ability to have fun
7. Dominance
8. Aggressiveness
9. Predictability vs. unpredictability
10. Risk-taking
11. Charm
12. Cockiness and confidence
13. Attention
14. Expertise
15. Perspective and imagination
16. A challenge, indifference, or disinterest
17. Sexual mastery

AND THE: #1 Trait that attracts women


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1. Culture and Class

Women pick up on class. Women notice when your belt matches your shoes, when you enjoy trying exotic foods or watching foreign films.

They notice when you understand the different types of wine and serve wine to her with an appropriate hors d’oeuvre when she visits, and when you have a grasp on interior design and color choices. 

Also, they really do notice when you open doors for them.

2. Humor

Humor isn’t lost on women. This is probably the #1 trait to attract women. If you can keep a woman laughing, you are almost guaranteed to succeed.

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3. Education

As long as it’s used in an interesting way, women appreciate an educated man. On some occasions, women are nervous around educated men. Honestly though, this is probably for the best.

4. Thoughtfulness

A gift is simply a symbol. For women, it signifies the fact that you were thinking about them. She will feel the same sense of contentment from a simple card that she will a $10,000 ring. Of course, the ring will last longer, but that’s up to you.

5. Creativity and Intelligence

Women find both intelligence and creativity intriguing when they are used right. Use the two to surprise her with something unexpected (an idea, fantasy, gift, etc.) that you know she will love.

6. Happiness, Enthusiasm, and Ability to Have Fun

NOTHING turns a woman off faster than a killjoy. Don’t be one of those men who waits until a girl is happy and then puts her down in an attempt to appear superior. It’s a big mistake. On the other hand, enthusiasm is contagious and alluring.

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7. Dominance

Although they may not realize it, women have an attraction to dominant men. In some primate groups, dominant males make up as much as 75% of all couples, while the less dominant hang out alone. This also applies to homo sapiens.

8. Aggressiveness

Women appreciate a man who knows what they want and goes after it. Don’t get confused. This aggressiveness is about passion, not about violence. It’s the aggressiveness that causes you to set a goal and go after it, regardless of any setbacks.

9. Predictability vs. Unpredictablility

Consider this. Women are pulled toward men that they can’t predict or control. They will obsess over guys who give them plenty of attention one night and then fail to call the next day. 

However, they prefer predictability when they are in search of a potential husband. Predictability is a trait women want in a husband but unpredictability is what they crave in a lover.

10. Risk-taking

Adventurism is a turn-on. Women are magnetically drawn to men who like to do unusual, extreme, and even dangerous things.

11. Charm

This is essentially paying careful attention to a woman while using a polished and smooth approach.

Want an example?  Watch a James Bond movie or a reverse harem anime like this one. Charm has that “prince on a white horse that comes to rescue a woman in distress” vibe to it.

12. Cockiness and Confidence

Women are ever so slightly drawn to men who are just a bit too cocky. This doesn’t mean being overly arrogant. To get a good idea of what I am talking about, watch Tom Cruise in “Top Gun” or Clarke Gable in “Gone With The Wind”. It’s essentially being a tad cheeky with a streak of humor.

13. Attention

Women crave attention. However, they don’t want overt attention. It’s better to simply hint at it. There is no reason to simply sit around and nod while she complains in attempt to prove you are paying attention. 

Tell her that you were thinking about her earlier and how much you love her hair, smile, etc.

14. Expertise

If you are an expert in something a woman is interested in, this can work in your favor.  However, go about it the right way. Don’t use a “I’m cool and you’re not.”  approach. Opt for an “I know about this.  Let me show you.”

15. Perspective and Imagination

Have you seen the movie “Don Juan DeMarco?” Check out how he interprets the world. He doesn’t simply look at a woman from the outside.  He looks inside to identify inner beauty. 


Having a romantic imagination gives you the chance to use interesting stories, poetic statements, fascinating history, and emotional interpretation. Become an expert in body language because women are constantly sending signals.

16. A Challenge, Indifference, or Disinterest

Attractive women are used to being chased by men.  That’s why indifference intrigues them.  If you call her simply because you are “bored” or act like you can take sex or leave it, she will do just about anything to get your attention.  This absolutely drives most women crazy, even if they are slow to admit it.

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17. Sexual Mastery

Just like men, women love sex, but a good lover can be hard to find. Women quickly become addicted to skilled lovers who know how to make them feel incredible and teach them new things.


personality traits that women love

How to effectively use the 17 personality traits

If you were to ask the most successful men, they will all tell you the same thing. The primary reason they are successful is because they can accept “no” without taking it personally. Unsuccessful men tend to take a rejection as a personal assault on their inner child. Don’t make this mistake!

Take a second and consider what type of woman you are attracted to. Write down the qualities you believe she would be attracted to. Then, work on cultivating these qualities.

The goal is to create your own combination and find a place where it will offer the most opportunities for success. Be sure to convey that you are interesting and desirable.

Here’s the thing. If you can’t figure out what a woman you are interested in is attracted to, ask her. Just confidently walk up to her and ask something like, “Can I ask you a quick question? I’m pretty sure you are in a relationship, but will you just answer this one question. I want to know what it is that makes a woman like you attracted to a man like me.”

Most women will actually be happy to answer. In fact, you may find that some women are more than willing to help you in other ways if you just ask. For example, they might help you choose a hairstyle, go shopping, almost anything.

The truth is that most men are simply too afraid to ask a woman for help or feel like it makes them less of a man. Do yourself a huge favor. If you are having trouble with women, reach out for help. You’ll be shocked at how generous women can be when they are helping a man gets his attractiveness together.

Lastly, every woman is different and there is no certain system that every woman will respond to. If your system isn’t working on a woman, don’t change your system. Just try it on a different woman.

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