10 Pickup Mistakes With Women – And How To Stop Making Them

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Do you ever ask yourself why this guy or that guy gets so many women? What is he doing that I am not? He’s not even that rich or great looking…

Are you continually perplexed by who gets who in the world of dating? What must I do or don’t do to get some fricking success???
Although knowing what to do is crucially important, knowing what not to do is equally important.

This is because making any of these mistakes will instantly turn your chances to zero.

We are going to demystify some things for you today by listing the top 10 pickup mistakes with women that you are most likely making when you approach hot women… And how to avoid them.

Mistake #1 – Being nervous around hot girls

This is an easy problem to fix. It is all psychological and pertains to what goes on inside your head.

Remember, nervousness is a negative personality trait. Nervousness leads to trouble. Ask anyone who works for US Customs.

mistake 2

The thing to remember is that whatever emotion you are feeling is being projected. If you feel nervous, you will subconsciously communicate this emotion and the girl will start feeling nervous also, and subsequently move away.

Work on your body language. Relax and the mind will follow your body. You are only able to experience one emotion at a time, therefore you can either be relaxed, or, nervous. So consciously concentrate on being relaxed and forcefully push feelings of nervousness away.

Mistake #2 – Trying too hard to impress her

The problem here is that society has conditioned you to feel that you need to be cool, have a nice car, or, money in order to win the girl.

Let’s backtrack a bit to your overall attitude. Remember, women are not choosing anything, it is you who are choosing them. A girl can only choose from guys who approach her. You, on the other hand, can choose anyone in a club, street, bar, or anywhere else.

Whenever you are in a situation where you are expected to impress a girl, do the opposite. When you are inevitably asked what you do for a living, say something off the wall like “I deliver pizza”, or “I design toilet seat covers”.

In your mind, when you feel like you are trying to impress, do the opposite. The point is to give off the vibe that you don’t need to try and impress her.

Mistake #3 – Asking too many questions

Women hate this. They do not want to be interrogated by you or anyone else for that matter. What do you think they have been doing all day? They have been answering questions to employers, teachers, parents, etc.

mistake 3

Instead of asking questions, tell a story. Although improvisation is the way to go, a preplanned story can work if you are absolutely blank on what to say. We recommend talking ‘bullshit’ to occupy her brain while using other techniques like kino and controlling her emotions.

KINO? WHAT’S THAT? PUA stuff here

Remember, she can only process one piece of information at a time. So stop asking questions and tell a story. But don’t be an ass and just talk about yourself. Make the story interesting and applicable to both you and her.

Mistake #4 – Being needy

Don’t show that you want her too much because the more you appear to want her, the less she will want you.

It is all about demand. When an item is in-demand, its value rises. You must learn to appear to be in demand even if you are not. Women like men who have options. When you indicate that you want to see them, they feel like they have been selected and somehow ‘beaten’ other girls.

But beware, if you seem too in-demand, it could backfire and you may seem uninterested. Your message is, “I have options but I choose you.”

Mistake #5 – Not approaching or waiting for a sign to approach

Get this straight, most girls are not going to even look at you even if they find you irresistibly attractive, The more interested she is in you, the harder she will try to hide it.

Women fantasize about sex as much as guys do, but the most they will do about it is to look hot and get you to make the first move. That is it. You have to make the move, start the conversation etc.

Since you are expected to make the first move, go out there and do you job, smoothly and properly. Making a move means getting out to a club, party or any other gathering place and participating, not just observing.

Mistake #6 – Hiding your intentions

Are you afraid of what she will think of you if she finds out your true horny intentions? This foundoutphobia is actually quite misleading. Women won’t think you’re a horny creep for wanting to seduce them because it’s so natural.
Instead, boldly telling women you want to seduce them is a superhero move and flaunts your confidence. And girls respond to self-confident men.

Girls love to be seduced. It is their #1 fantasy. Tell her you want to seduce her and how. If you are direct with women and telegraph your intentions boldly, you will be surprised how well they respond.

Mistake #7 – Talking too fast or too much

People talk too fast or too much when they’re nervous to try to cover up their insecurities. Therefore, when you talk too fast or too much, you seem to be hiding something.

Actually, talking less is attractive and mysterious. And talking slowly and deliberately is a sign of confidence and relaxation.

Talk slowly and confidently and in a low a voice tone. And not just with women, talk like this all day. If you slow down your rate of talking, you will not only appear cool and relaxed, you will actually feel that way.

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Mistake #8 – Waiting for her to make the first move

Never, ever wait for a woman to make the first move. You have to take control of the game. Lead by example. Remember, you are the one choosing and now you are the one leading.

Whether or not being passive in the dating game has been programmed into a female’s genetic make-up is unclear. What is clear is that women are conditioned to wait for a guy to make his move.

If you get rejected by a girl, it is not personal. You just made a wrong move. Try to figure out which one. Be clued-in to what is working and what isn’t. Always keep the ball rolling or she will be bored and move on.

Mistake #9 – Waiting too long to make a move

If you get tossed into the dreaded ‘friend’ category, it is because you waited too long to make a move. From the moment your conversation began, the sexual tension was mounting and you missed the climax. Or god forbid, the gaydar switched on.


Once you are in the ‘friend’ box, it is nigh impossible to break out of that super max prison. Always keep the action moving forward. Don’t be afraid to escalate. It is better to try for romance and fail than to be written off as a friend.

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Mistake #10 – Being predictable

If you are too predictable, you won’t get anywhere. Girls see predictable as boring and boring guys are at the bottom of their list. Girls want to see new things happening and want to be with guys who make life exciting.

If you are wondering how to become unpredictable, it is easy. Instead of doing what you usually do, do the opposite. If you usually ask for her number in a timid way, don’t ask for the number at all. Skip to “What time should we hook up on Friday? Oh, I need your number for that don’t I.. ? ha ha.” Perfect, you more or less confirmed a date BEFORE you had the number.

If girls want predictable and boring, they will watch TV. So don’t be like the TV and be spontaneous and unpredictable and show her an exciting time.

It’s NOT ok to make mistakes

In the course of seducing a woman, it’s ok and natural to make mistakes. However, some mistakes are unforgivable and deadly. All women will subconsciously feel and then immediately shut you out if you make any of the above 10 pickup mistakes with women.

So heaven forbid, whatever you do, don’t, under any circumstances make these mistakes.